Aaron Adam Holmes

Aaron Adam Holmes

Aaron is an abstract painter working with a range of mediums. He has a love of nature and often these themes feature in his work, from the changing colours of the leaves through the seasons, to the diversity of colours and textures of flowers. The flow and mix of colours together can be seen in his art, and he often enjoys working with new techniques and styles to create this balance.
Aaron was previously a chef and was often drawn to the way texture and colour in food is like painting on a canvas. He is self trained as an artist, but credits his years as a chef for helping teach him the skills of mixing various colours and textures together.
Aaron enjoys travelling and is frequently drawn to the sea. The constant changing of the colour and shape of water is a theme which can be found in his art. He also finds architecture a source of inspiration, from the various shapes used, to the stillness of a building representing tranquillity and calm.
While his art is abstract overall, each painting has a unique theme and personality. He approaches each piece with a fresh spirit and is always excited to put the first strokes on the canvas to begin telling the story. When a painting finally leaves to go to its new home, it is sad to say goodbye, but each one that leaves brings with it a stronger creative vision for his future work.

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