Angela Morris-Winmill

Angela Morris-Winmill

Australian artist Angela Morris-Winmill has a diverse portfolio spanning painting, print making, sculpture and fashion art. Prior to transitioning into the world of fine art, Angela Morris-Winmill worked successfully as a fashion designer specialising in wedding dresses and designing for brands such as Topshop.

Growing up in the outback of Australia, Angela learned about the delicate relationship between humans and our environment from an early age. This awareness continues to influence her work to this day since migrating to the UK.

Her Skull series is heavily Influenced by the Pop Art Movement, working in a deliberately limited palette to create powerful, striking imagery in her own signature style. Using organically sourced skulls, Angela juxtaposes elements of the natural world with radiant colour, creating sensual and provocative artwork. Blurring the line between the masculine and feminine, Angela’s work draws on how we are perceived within society and with a historical context, and personal expression forms the basis of all the works she creates.

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