Dominic Denis

Dominic Denis

Dominic Denis studied at Chelsea School of Art and at Goldsmiths College of Art where he was part of Damien Hirst’s first show Freeze the seminal show and an integral member of the original YBA (Young British Artist) movement. He partook in Damien Hirst’s first curated show Modern Medicine selling 30 paintings where Hirst was spotted by Saatchi and British Art in Basel 1990.

Denis was commissioned by Charles Booth-Clibborn of Paragon Press alongside 10 other artists  to create a work in print form for the portfolio ‘London’. Each artist had full rein on their artwork the only common factors linking the 11 artists was age, Goldsmiths College and being based in London. Artists included Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, Rachel Whiteread, Gavin Turk, Angus Fairhurst, Michael Landy, Nicholas May, Langlands and Bel, Craig Wood, Marcus Taylor and of course Dominic Denis. Denis contributed the stunning work ‘Untitled 1992’ which is held within the Tate Modern archives.

His work can also be found  at the British Art Council and The Courtauld Institute London. Private Collectors include Doris Saatchi, Gilbert Du Button, Gordon Burn & Damien Hirst .

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