Eli Castelli


Eli Castelli

Eli Castelli has always been intrigued by the visual arts. Spellbound by art books from the Renaissance, Surrealist and Impressionist periods as a child, when all his friends were reading the Beano, the creative process continues to fascinate.

Arriving in London from New York City in the early 90’s, with Andy Warhol’s definition of Art – ‘Anything You Can Get Away With’ – etched in his consciousness, this was compounded by the YBA’s (Young British Artists) in the mainstream media.

Captivated by Marcel Duchamp’s conceptual art phase and exasperated by Maurizio Cattelan, Castelli wrote THERE is No F in ART (is there?). The book comes highly recommended by Sky Arts TV critic, Katherine Tyrrell and the Londonist art critic Tabish Khan puts it in his Top 5 lockdown reads.

At The Exhibitionist Hotel book launch in February, hosted by Kensington & Chelsea Art Week (KCAW), Steve Gubbins, a very talented animator and graphic artist asked to collaborate on a project together. A 3D museum experience followed. The virtual gift shop seemed real in Castelli’s mind and the ‘Dog & Bone’ emerged months later. Moulded in silicone, cast in resin, airbrushed and lacquered – it takes inspiration from Jeff Koons balloon dog series and Salvador Dali’s lobster telephone.

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