Holly English

Holly English

Holly English is a British artist and 2020 graduate of MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London. She works across a variety of mediums with a broad, philosophical interest in the things and ideal that we value.

In this ongoing egg project English utilises the very loaded symbol of an egg, transforming it into a fun, decorative object which acts almost as a blank emoji, punctuating the space around it and adding a gratifying pop of colour. She enjoys the way that the symbol can morph from funny to aggressive, sad or joyous dependent on the contet it is read within, and will often incorporate the eggs in larger installations allowing them to contribute to the narrative of the piece as a whole. The egg collection started with raw (transparent) eggs but in 2021, pregnant with her first child English was looking for a more sustainable and less hazardous alternative to clear cast resin. She tried crafting a ceramic egg having ‘gone in to pottery’ during the pandemic. It seemed fitting to English that her eggs were now cooked as it were, and the fried wall egg series was born.

Each piece is individually hand-sculpted, glazed and numbered and comes in a unique, hand-painted display box.

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