Jayson Lilley

Jayson Lilley

British artist Jayson Lilley is a master of contemporary printmaking, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression by seamlessly blending painting, collage, and mark-making techniques in his awe-inspiring cityscapes. With an unparalleled ability to merge the precision of screen printing with fluid gestures, Lilley infuses his landscapes with vibrant energy and vitality.

What sets Lilley’s works apart are their grandeur – vast expanses adorned with opulent metal leaf accents and luminous skies that captivate the viewer’s imagination. Amidst this splendor, he skillfully incorporates intimate visions of urban life, meticulously capturing every intricate detail.

Lilley draws inspiration from iconic architectural marvels and bustling metropolises across London, New York, Tokyo and beyond. Each piece celebrates the distinctive silhouettes on the horizon while encapsulating the unique essence of these extraordinary places.

In his quest for innovation, Lilley often ventures into uncharted territory by incorporating culturally significant found materials into his compositions. Whether it be repurposing Monopoly boards or integrating bank notes as symbolic imagery within his work, he constantly seeks fresh perspectives to explore his beloved landscapes.

With over 15 years dedicated to honing his craft and drawing upon a rich background in graphic design and advertising, Lilley has emerged as an internationally recognised figure in printmaking. His remarkable artworks have graced exhibitions worldwide and have found homes in prestigious collections such as Cartier, John F Kennedy Airport and Kings College Hospital.  Jayson Lilley continues to redefine what is possible within the realm of printmaking.

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Notable private collections include:

Cartier, London and New York
John F Kennedy Airport, New York
King College Hospital, London
Smith and Wollensky, London
Battersea Power Station Development Company, London
Tribe Hotels, London
Smiths of Smithfield, London

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