Leah Michelle

Leah Michelle

Leah’s vibrant multi-layered acrylic paintings are created with the idea of capturing the beauty that is always around us. Her primary focus is creating beautiful works of art that make viewers smile and live in the moment. She obtained her Masters in Art History from London’s prestigious Courtauld Institute of Art in 2009 and then began exhibiting and selling her work locally and internationally.

After working full-time with a renowned London interior designer, Leah began creating floral drip paintings for galleries and private clients using her distinct way of layering acrylic and emulsion paint with spray paints and layers of polyurethane. Her newest collection of floral drip paintings is inspired by her Surrey garden. This series captures the essence of growth and re-birth, inviting the viewers to step inside an intimate yet tranquil space. The loose brushstrokes and vibrant yet constrained colour palette of greens, pinks and yellows with deep purples, blacks and dancing greys focus on finding the stories that are within the layers of technique and mark-making.

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