Matteo Marsini - Van der Möser

Matteo Marsini - Van der Möser

Born in Rome in 1986, Matteo Marsini – Van der Möser has been practising contemporary art since the tender age of twelve. He started his career as a novice graffiti artist and developed his unique style over the years; travelling the seas and painting the walls of Italy, Barcelona, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Adelaide and London.

Matteo is not limited to one medium and has worked commissions on skateboards, not to mention his canvas work which has exhibited in several collections across the world.

Matteo currently lives and works in Notting Hill with his partner and muse, Eléonore. He finds inspiration from the vibrant local neighbourhood and wildlife of Holland Park. Since January 2020, he has practised a concept of creating works that are 100% inspired by, sourced and created in Notting Hill. Matteo sources recycled pieces of wood from construction sites near his house; thus why his paintings vary in shape and size.
He only uses British paint and sustainable local materials. In keeping with his recycling philosophy, his frames are also handmade and reused. Matteo recently became a brand ambassador for the environmentally-friendly Earthborn Paints.

The subjects of Matteo’s paintings live and breathe the local and natural life of Holland Park and Notting Hill; echoing their timelessness and contribution to the refined British lifestyle.

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