Millena DeMille

Millena DeMille

Millena DeMille was raised in the awe-inspiring natural surroundings of Poland’s Masurian Lake District. After moving to London, for over two decades she exercised her natural talent for interior design, in which schemes she started inserting her artworks. This combination of interior design and artistic practice lead to her becoming a full time artist.
Millena has developed a distinctive, individual style using a preferred palette of what she calls ‘non-colours; in-between natural earthy shades’. Constantly experimenting, some of her collections are injected with vivid shades of blue or green.

Millena’s variously scaled artworks are semi-abstract, expressive meditations on her experiences of living amongst nature and memories of travels. Her art often embodies fleeting moments of passing clouds, the majesty and materiality of natural forms, and the living, breathing ambiance of silence and bliss.
She attempts to capture these experiences in her paintings by exploiting the reflective quality and depth of silver, copper and gold leaf. When relocated into interiors, Millena’s artworks breathe a life of their own. Since her debut at the former ‘Darren Baker Gallery’ , Millena’s artworks are appreciated by both private and corporate collectors, some pieces have travelled as far as New York and Singapore. Commissioned works can be found in corporate headquarters in London and Warsaw, as well as a newly refurbished lobby of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Her works have sold out twice at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea as well as the first edition of the Warsaw equivalent.

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