Nathalie Kingdon

Nathalie Kingdon

Nathalie is a French born London based artist who specialises in original screen printed Art. Working from her own bespoke studio at Wimbledon Art Studios for 5 years, she produces a small number of prints editions, with slight variations so each is really unique.

Nathalie works essentially from images taken and collected from various sources of inspiration: vintage magazines, postcards, Screenshots of movie scenes and sometimes her own photos. She particularly enjoy the possibilities that the process of screen printing offers. Transforming and enhancing imagery with a certain love for vibrant and rich colours, exploring the juxtaposition between shape and form, reconsidering proportion and perspective.

She is most interested in re-imagining the narratives of images through the medium of my prints; narratives that organically evolve through an instinctive and playful approach. Most recently she have been experimenting with digitally manipulated and printed images, which compliments her traditional methods of screen printing.

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