Tom Cox

Tom Cox

Thomas F. S. Cox was born in South London with Irish and Italian parents. He studied a fine art foundation at Camberwell, UAL, and completed his BA in fine art painting at Northampton University.
In 2016 he founded Focus LDN, which organises group exhibitions for emerging artists across London. And in 2018, spent two months in Sao Paulo, Brazil, painting and organising his first international exhibition.
Cox’s paintings have been compared to those of Edward Hopper and L. S. Lowry; he paints scenes that are a living, breathing dedication to the bustle of city life. capturing the sensation of being within an energetic metropolis, with transient characters flowing past. His style is a contemporary take on Impressionism. Using loose gestural brush marks, all of his artworks are started en plein air, using Indian ink on canvas.
‘If you love London, you will love Cox’s paintings. He depicts the bustling landscape of the capital in all its glory: full of drama, petty annoyances, and life.’ Evening Standard

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