Tommy Fiendish

Tommy Fiendish

London based artist, Thomas D Wright, aka Tommy Fiendish.

Tommy’s paintings are a collection of forms put in place to create a sensation based around a subject. He see’s them as musical scores, the instruments of the orchestra are played in such a way as to stir emotions at the will of the composer. Though above all they are paintings, they are about paint, it’s nature and how one can define forms and illusion. Observations on daily contemporary living, decaying civilisation and environmental collapse appear throughout the work. Painting in series allows ideas to evolve, to develop techniques and areas of research. Widely using acrylic alongside spray paint, enamel or anything else to hand, Tommy starts from a concept with no idea to the final outcome. By allowing subconscious impulses to dictate what appears on the canvas, each stroke depends on the last. It is only through the act of painting the ideas are channeled. They are as evocative, provocative and uncensored as they are wistful and romantic.

A background of street art, tattooing, typography, electronic music are
evident amongst the layers within the paintings, along with a love of the passion and drama of the baroque. Classically influenced by the likes of Caravaggio, Artemisia Gentileschi and Francis Bacon, and in a more contemporary context, Phil Hale, Mark Tennat and David Eddington. They frequently reference vintage imagery which carries its own air of romance, placing them in contemporary paradoxical situations, often with a twist of macabre drollery.

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