Tory Adair

Tory Adair

Tory is a versatile artist working in a range of mediums, from painting and drawing to ceramics and sculpture. Having grown up on the shores of Strangford Lough in rural Northern Ireland, Tory has always felt most at home in the countryside.  Despite spending much of her adult life living in busy cities, the natural world has always been the main source of inspiration for her work. Even when living in the heart of Barcelona or in the coastal town of Takoradi in Ghana, Tory found herself painting grey skies and working horses.

After over a decade working in picture libraries and museums, Tory has in recent years moved to the New Forest. With so much natural inspiration on her doorstep, Tory has set about her work with renewed vigour. Initially focusing on ceramics, she found that in many cases, drawing her preparatory sketches using charcoal was more satisfying. Enjoying the versatility and immediacy of charcoal on paper, Tory has run with this latest obsession and feels there is still plenty of room to explore using this medium. Self-taught, Tory intuitively uses bold forms and space to capture the vitality and beauty she finds in the great outdoors, resulting in a more contemporary take on largely traditional themes.

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