Caroline Reed

About Reed

Caroline Reed is a visual artist based in Yorkshire, she has exhibited throughout the UK and her work can be found in private collections both nationally and internationally.

Reed tends to work in series, the ‘Mapped Out’ series explores the way that the lines on one’s face can tell the story of one’s life. The ‘Another Brick in The Wall’ series explores the walls we build around us as we go through life. The ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’ series explores her experience with feminism both good and bad.

Reed’s process is complicated, she works in mixed media collage, ink and paint on a small scale. She then prefers to enlarge the work printing on 300 gsm acid free fine art paper. Each piece is a unique monotype work.

‘My work is a construction of my emotions and life experiences, it tends to suggest a narrative to the viewer it is not intended to burden the viewer more to provoke thought’.  Reed

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