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Sarah Emily Porter is a visual artist who explores colour and the historical context of painting. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the chemical properties of paint, she has been able to challenge the rules of painting to create artwork that is a collaboration between her own desires and the unpredictable tendencies of her materials.

With modernist ideas at the forefront of her work, she has created her own innovative painting tools which pour and manipulate paint on tilting wooden structures. By using unconventional painting processes she creates a dialogue between art and science as the paint ebbs and flows in a single linear stroke under the force of gravity. This process removes the artist from the gesture and emotion of painting, highlighting instead the complexity of colour, the intricacies of the materials, and the process of application.

Inspired by architecture, interior design and geometry, she creates digital sketches to map carefully considered mathematical systems and orders which form a framework for the production of her paintings. In her latest body of work, the historical constructs of painting – colour, composition and form – are explored in three-dimensions allowing layers of colour to fragment and reform as the viewer and environment shift position.

This summer Sarah was the visiting artist at the NLCS Jeju Arts Festival in South Korea and recently won in collaboration with James Trundle the Richard Seager Annual Arts Award 2019 and The London Festival of Architecture 2019 City Benches Competition. Her work can be found in collections both nationally and internationally.

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