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We are absolutely delighted to announce the arrival of Robin Utracik’s fabulous new sculptures to Select Gallery.

A fine art education let loose within an era of punk rock saw Robin Utracik draw inspiration from the traditional art school, popular culture and the burgeoning mass marketing and consumerism culture that grew from the USA. His early influences were the signs and symbols found in the works of American painters like James Rosenquist and Robert Rauschenberg, and the content and photorealism of the English artist John Salt.

His energy extended to playing guitar for The Worst, arguably the worst band in the UK in an era when there was a plague of truly bad bands, out of a world then sprawling with graffiti and the art of the spray can. He produced work that moved from the traditional oil-on-canvas to car bonnets, motorcycle petrol tanks, drag racers and embracing graphics, air brush and illustration: perhaps most notably including the album artwork portraits for the Buzzcocks seminal second album, Love Bites.

With a mix of fine art and commercial know-how, and a set of finely honed skills combining observation, scrutiny, a model-makers attention to detail and skills drawn from a career that has encompassed traditional paint on canvas, airbrush, illustration and digital photography, Robin Utracik has developed his own unique vision.


The American Dream


His series of sculptures ‘The American Dream’ takes you on a journey through America capturing the Pylon Signs along the way.

“I’ve always been drawn to old things—the worn, the distressed, the forgotten. Many of the signs are virtually invisible to most people. They pass them every day, but they don’t really see them. Their colours have faded, their paint is peeling and they can’t compete with all the new, shiny things around them.”  – Robin

They were once works of art themselves done by creatives like me. They were landmarks and guideposts, promising a cold beer, a good meal or even a good time. They helped define a street, a neighbourhood and an era. They had power.

As an artist, I want to give them a second life, pull them out of the past and elevate them once again to a place of distinction and even grandeur.

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