Q & A with Alessana

Snapshot from the music video, ‘Ragdoll of Portobello Road’

Today we sat down with Alessana a local Indie soul singer, artist and film maker who as it happens used to work at Select Gallery! Alessana has just released her wonderful new song and music video ‘Ragdoll of Portobello Road’  which is a homage to her community, featuring local friendly faces and their acts of kindness throughout the years.

Tell us about your music..

I write a lot about my environment, I wrote this song as a tribute to all the people who have helped me along the way. By saying something kind or being generous in some way, which has in turn encouraged me to make more music. I previously worked at Select Gallery so of course I wanted to feature you in the video as a little thank you from my time here and all your support.

Where did your music journey begin?

During lockdown, I started making homemade music videos around my flat on portobello road, from my bathtub filled with mud, to my kitchen. I have always sung but struggled with stage fright and lockdown allowed me the space and privacy to experiment.

This photo was taken after my first gig shortly after writing it and I had to write all down my arms the people I mention so I wouldn’t forget anyone

Who inspires you musically?

Suzanne vega, Sade and Leonard Cohen are some old school influences, for a more recent once i’d say Fat Freddy’s Drop band. 

Tell us about your new song..

This is the first music video that I’ve directed myself, it drew on my film background, it have brought all the elements of my past together, filming writing directing casting. It has been nominated for best music video award at the the portobello film festival. It was also featured on the soundtrack of a short film, called run to the source by Emmy nominated director matt kay.

I was walking home with eggs and bread and loose change in my pockets that i’d scrambled together to buy them. I had to use a safety pin to do up my dress that had ripped and i thought to myself, ‘I am literally a ragdoll’. Sometimes I get random melodies and hooks in my head, and the Ragdoll of Portobello Road just stuck and once I started writing I couldn’t stop..

Whats next for you?

Me and my band have just recorded our EP in the studio and we are preparing to release that in February.

If you haven’t already seen Alessana’s ‘Ragdoll of Portobello Road’ then go check it out and see if you can spot us!

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