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What is StART Art Fair?

Since its founding in 2014, StART art fair has helped to springboard the careers of many emerging artists from around the globe.

Last October (2022), over 15,000 peoples came to explore our showcase of more than 100 emerging and established artists hailing from 25 countries including South Africa, Portugal, Colombia, India, Austria, South Korea and Ireland, providing collectors and art enthusiasts alike the opportunity to discover the most exciting works from both established and developing global markets.

This year StART art fair will celebrate its 10th anniversary at Saatchi Gallery, London. The fair remains independent and will stay true to StART’s ethos of presenting both emerging and established artists and galleries from around the world.

The 10th edition of StART art fair will take place from Wednesday 11 – Sunday 15 October 2023, Saatchi Gallery, London.

Select Gallery can be found on the first floor at booth 8.5.

Select Gallery @ StART 

Select Gallery have been exhibiting at StART Art fair every year since opening its doors in 2019, each year we choose three artists to shine a spotlight on. Each year the artists will create new works to show exclusively at the fair. For example last year Jayson Lilley launched his new collection of Monopoly boards which have been a huge hit!

More history of us there and images?

Jayson Lilley

Contemporary artist Jayson Lilley works at the forefront of printmaking practices, incorporating painting and collage techniques into his process. His work is known for its urban and architectural focus, zooming in on familiar landmarks and reproducing iconic structures from the metropolis.

Constructing vibrant scenes that are always accompanied by expansive skies and plays on salience and colour. Technically, Lilley combines painting and collage techniques in an overall process of innovative printmaking, and ultimately achieves an impactful artistic aesthetic.

Lilley’s paintings are held in collections across the world including, London, New York, Hong Kong and Moscow. His most recent accolades include exhibiting his ‘Rich Girl’ (note series) at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition 2019 and being shortlisted for the Westmorland Landscape Prize 2019.

Holly English

Holly English is a British artist and 2020 graduate of MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London. She works across a variety of mediums with a broad, philosophical interest in the things and ideal that we value.

In this ongoing egg project English utilises the very loaded symbol of an egg, transforming it into a fun, decorative object which acts almost as a blank emoji, punctuating the space around it and adding a gratifying pop of colour. She enjoys the way that the symbol can morph from funny to aggressive, sad or joyous dependent on the contet it is read within, and will often incorporate the eggs in larger installations allowing them to contribute to the narrative of the piece as a whole. The egg collection started with raw (transparent) eggs but in 2021, pregnant with her first child English was looking for a more sustainable and less hazardous alternative to clear cast resin. She tried crafting a ceramic egg having ‘gone in to pottery’ during the pandemic. It seemed fitting to English that her eggs were now cooked as it were, and the fried wall egg series was born.

Each piece is individually hand-sculpted, glazed and numbered and comes in a unique, hand-painted display box.

Sarah Fosse

Sarah Fosse is a London-based fine artist with a rapidly growing reputation  She captures iconic vistas from her studio with her signature ‘wobble’ style.

Derain and Matisse were early influencers for Sarah. Her passion for Fauvism and Expressionism is unmistakably conveyed by her bold, vibrant colour palette and the manner in which she deconstructs and distorts the urban landscape. Having always lived near water (be it coastal or river) Sarah has a fascination with its movement, reflections and energy, which has also inspired her unique style.

Sarah’s paintings have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and the BBC. She has exhibited in France and all over London; including The Royal College of Art, the Truman Brewery, Lauderdale House, Battersea Power Station and the Oxo Gallery in 2016 and 2017. She held her first solo show in 2018, which was a sell-out event and placed her on the map  within the ‘pop art’ genre. With a further sell out solo ‘Moving Metropolis’ exhibition in 2021 here at Select Gallery. Thanks to an ever-increasing following, Fosse’s work is held in private and corporate collections across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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